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Pakboat Newsletter

Post by mje »

This just arrived from Alv:


XT-17 Double.

August is an unusual time to introduce a new paddling product, and I would have liked to do it much sooner. Unfortunately, getting things made can take longer than we like - as it did this time.

The XT-17 touring kayak has been available for a while as a high-volume solo kayak. We had made a double deck for it to test, but somehow had it fixed in our minds that the XT-17 was to be used solo, so we did not actually put a double deck on it until this spring. It was a great surprise that the XT-17 paddles very well with two adults (with a combined weight of 380 pounds - 173 kg). It is fast and tracks well. And stability is very good as well. We will offer the XT-17 as a package with both solo and double deck for $1995. For those who already have the solo version of the XT-17, you can have the double deck and one additional seat for $320. The double deck is made in yellow as you can see on the Home page. The XT-17 double deck is made with deck rigging similar to our new Quest kayaks.

Solo/Double Kayaks.

For several years our most popular kayaks have been the ones that could be used by one or two paddlers. Of course, any double can be paddled by one person sitting in the stern seat, but this throws the trim far off. The handling suffers even in good conditions, and the kayak gets very hard to manage in windy conditions. Our system of using separate decks for solo and tandem use solves the problem and places the paddler(s) for correct trim and optimal handling.

The Saranac offers even more convenience. It is designed to be paddled with no deck for activities like fishing, and it offers two deck options. No wonder it is the best selling Pakboat. We have seen the same with high performance touring kayaks. The XT-16 has been our most popular model - no doubt because it offered the option of double and solo decks.

Lapland Canoe Adventure.

Fortunately, canoe trip stories don't get obsolete. Two years ago, I paddled rivers in Lapland with a group of friends, and I have been waiting to add the trip story to the "Canoe Adventures" section of Unfortunately, I had to wait until the story had been published in both Norwegian, German and English. The story in English was published in the July issue of ThePaddler (a UK web based publication - very nice!). And I have now added it to It was a great trip, and I'd love to get back there again. Please take a look.

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Re: Pakboat Newsletter

Post by Apathizer »

Thank you for the info. Hopefully, they'll update their website info for the XT-17 payload: Currently, the max payload is stated as 330 pds, meaning it could only handle a couple average or smaller paddlers. Since it can comfortably handle two average or larger paddlers, this makes it much more useful.

The XT-17 has been 'on sale' for quite awhile now. With the introduction of this new 2-decks package, I wonder what will happen with older XT-17 that only have one deck.

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Re: Pakboat Newsletter

Post by BarryM »

For those that already have this boat it looks like you can have your cake and eat it too. Per Alv: "For those who already have the solo version of the XT-17, you can have the double deck and one additional seat for $320."

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