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Is this the correct way to assemble old triton solo kayak?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:27 am
by luvkayaking
Hi i am trying to assemble a used triton kayak. I am new to kayaking and absolutely new to folding kayaks. Attached is a picture of what I have assembled. The place where the tubes connect typically has sleeves but I am assuming pressure is what keeps those sleeves from moving? Nothing else is keeping the sleeves in place? Should I duct tape all the sleeves for added assurance. The sleeves have a hole and should theoretically be connecting with a pin where the joints connect, but there are no pins where the to tubes connect in what looks like two interlocking C shaped metal pieces. Also the base of the kayak where the two halves of the kayak connect has holes but I do not see any pin, i might by a bolt with threads on both sides and bolt it to secure the metal. Please advice on how to keep the kayak from corrosion, anti seize on joints? Should i apply grease on the entire frame as well for corrosion protection or that's unnecessary? Also the plastic fittings are a little insecure at some points. Would cable ties on everywhere the plastic fittings are help as well? My plan is to put it together securely once before summer typically with anti seize, grease, cable ties etc. Then use it till winter and then take it apart, clean re apply anti seize and reassemble next summer. Due to the look of the plastic fittings, i am feeling insecure and feel like using cable ties on all plastic to aluminium tube joints? Is this advisable or are there alternatives? I think some forum members here may own the same russian boat and may be able to shed some light. Thanks. Also the person who sold it to me had some plastic parts in a repair kit. Does anyone know how to repair the plastic fittings in the field if they break? Thanks.

Re: Is this the correct way to assemble old triton solo kaya

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:02 pm
by mje
1. You should apply anti-sieze or lube to all joints unless you plan on disassembling the boat after every use. If you plan to paddle in salt water, apply the lube regardless.

2. The skin will hold everything together with no need for additional connectors.

Re: Is this the correct way to assemble old triton solo kaya

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:44 am
by luvkayaking
Thank you. Does my assembly seem correct? It's my first time and want to make sure I am not messing up the assembly somehow...