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Kapitän von Klepper

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Larry Bluhm:
Nice boat. Did you say the frame members are largly composed of fibreglass? Is the glass wood coloured? When I glanced at your pics, I thought I was looking at wood.

Just to add in my defence, unfortunately I've done far more repairs then damage. Just to add a little salt to the wound, my "friend" recently remarked my other "friend" in regards to my wife recently buying an inflatable kayak: "Smart girl!" These "friends" were the same ones that took my AE II and wrapped it around a boulder on the Gunnison, summer '04. I might add that had my "friends" had a poly boat as long as my AE II that they would have "folded" it on the same boulder! Me thinks they over rate their skill.
In the long run, the people that assessed my boat as a "total loss" may have been correct as I could have bought another AE II for what the butcher's bill was, -but I sure learned a lot about repairing these boats!
I further add, that though my "friends" seem to be wholey unappreciative of the fact of user error, not equipment error, I chalk a good deal of the blame on myself for not reading their ability properly. This is a skilled I'd honed in giving horsemanship, skiing and mtn. bike lessons, but for some reason suffered a gross oversight here. They, therefore continue to be my friends, despite salty comments, but all friends will provide their own kayaks, etc. in the future for the sake of the friendships.


Re: Fujita Frame

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larrybluhm wrote:The stock spray skirt is less than superb, but an NRS Monterey works very well - I can very nearly pick up the boat by the skirt. I haven't yet found a neo skirt that works - any suggestions?
These guys have everything: http://www.brookspaddlegear.com/FITLIST1102.pdf

You won't find Fujita headings there, but if you measure the rim and check the published rim sizes of some common hardshell kayaks, I'm sure you'll find a match. They usually publish inner size in specs, - not outer size that includes the "leap". Any kayaking store has some Brooks skirts.

Kaptain von K, - ribs are wooden indeed. Rods are composite. Very interesting boat. Like a cross-breed of Klepper and Feathercraft - tubular long members and plywood ribs.

Kapitän von Klepper

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Interesting, I was wondering if anyone was doing that. :)


Assembly Photos

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Assembly photos of my Fujita 480EX are now up in the assembly section of the gallery.


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Quite a comprehensive impression of 480EX - thanks. Must have same assembling time as shorter and wider FC Kahuna (close in weight and payload), but will less efforts. And less time than FC K1 - which is also close in weight and payload, - but Kahuna seems closer overall. K1 is different from Kahuna not only in size, - thicker tubes, ribs closer to each other, larger hatches.

Dissembling time - I wouldn't be surprised if it took longer than Kahuna, as dissembling 480Ex is essentially the same succession of steps as assembling, only in the reversed order.

Does it have "integrated" sponsons, i.e. permanently attached to the skin inside, or it only seems to me so?

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I have seen a few Fujitas and Payancas

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take some nasty thrashings and come out unscathed and I (in my Khatsalano) got smoked by a guy in a Fujita in the All Japan Sea Kayak marathon back in 2001..... But that was the paddler more than the boat :+)... Never did get to paddle a Japanese folder. Hopefully this summer.
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