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Post by mattja99 »

I have an opportunity to pick up an old Hammer frame for a few hundred dollars. I am a little apprehensive as they are out of production, but I have come across a few posts on the net where guys used Wyland hulls or maybe even Klepper for replacements. Anyone have any insight?


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Re: Hammer

Post by idc »

My brother has enjoyed using the Hammer Seewolf double that we acquired from a member of the forum last year (or was it the year before). He has opted for patching the hull rather than replacing it. But like you, I took comfort from the idea one might be able to get a replacement from Wayland one day, if necessary.

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Re: Hammer

Post by BarryM »

You may want to check out Markus Heise or ABC Sattlerei for a replacement skin for your Hammer kayak.
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Re: Hammer

Post by slidegear »

For me, there are several features which make these boats amazing. From the pre-tension built into the structure at the bow strut to the z-folding keel then there's the that cleaver way the keel cross-beam latch assembly made the whole assembly quite the challenging experience (sans instructions of course) to figure out! Somewhere there's a complete NOS 1964 Hammer - Zweier complete with a rudder paddles and original gaff rig. Matched with a Zündapp Delphin would be valid proof that dimensional rifts do exist. Crazy?

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