Calling all TRAK owners :-)

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Calling all TRAK owners :-)

Post by siravingmon »

Having given up on NOT buying yet another folding kayak, I'm now considering getting a TRAK, but one thing in the seakayaker magazine review has me thinking: the wetted surface area is really high, even compared to the Folbot Cooper with a similar waterline length. This would suggest that it would be relatively hard work to paddle at cruising speeds. I realise the magazine tested it with medium rocker and with more rocker the waterline length would be less, as would the wetted surface area, but do any owners have any comments about how easily it cruises compared to other kayaks they own at say 3.5 knots?

The other thing the magazine article mentioned is that it tends to plough at higher speeds, so I'd be interested in any comments on how easy or difficult it is to maintain 4+ Knots for say, half an hour or an hour compared with other kayaks.

Given the massive amount of rocker it's possible to dial in, I also don't understand why the review said it would be best for surfing moderate waves only up to 2 or 3 feet.

Lastly, given the reports of how overbuilt it is, I don't get why the review doesn't recommend it for open ocean coasts

Any and all comments welcome

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Re: Calling all TRAK owners :-)

Post by Jake »

Simon, Jersey Paddler is soon to be a Trak dealer and owner, John Durrea, has offered to let me take the T-1600 out for a few hours at my pleasure and I'm looking forward to paddling this boat. I'm not interested in owning the T-1600, too heavy and complicated for me, but I talked with Nolin at Rethink Kayaks and he told me that Rethink may be introducing a couple of new models. One would be a true Greenland model and the other would likely be a shorter, lighter boat, perhaps about 14 feet without the hydraulic devices that are used in the T-1600. There would be some other method of tensioning the skin without the heavy hydraulics. This is a kayak that I could find very interesting however Nolin did say that they would likely not have a prototype until the end of this year. Anyway, with new folders like the Feathercraft Kurrent 2.0, the Pakboat Quest and Rethink Kayaks proposed new designs, it looks like a good time for high quality folders. :D



Re: Calling all TRAK owners :-)

Post by Filbert »

I got a TRAK recently and paddled only once on a small lake. I haven't compared with other hardshells yet on speed. I had a Feathercrat Wisper before. TRAK is more tippy, assembly is easier. It's heavier and bigger. I like the construction and design better, but still haven't tested much yet. I would choose a TRak over FC based on limited experience. But I would choose a hardshell over folder unless it's necessary. There is a thorough review of TRAK in one of the boards a while ago. I heard that TRAK is capable of anything most people's skills can do (see ken whitting's videos, etc.) and the only folder can keep up with hardshells. I will try it more.

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