Pionier 520-Z

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Pionier 520-Z

Post by BarryM »

As some of you might know, I stumbled upon a complete Pionier 520-Z last year while looking for some new paddles as the ones that came with my Aerius 2 in 1993 are worse for wear. I found some nice paddles on eBay and the seller told me he also had the frame of a wooden kayak that he wanted to sell too. He sent me some pix and said he'd take $60 for the frame which also included a full sail set!

Any rate, when I took possession I found I received what looked to be an unused Pionier 520-Z only missing the skin (!), wing nuts, seat bottoms, and chromed sleeves for joining the longerons together. I decided to get a skin for the boat as soon as practicable and commenced to check out my options. I considered Wayland, Pouch, another vendor whose name escapes me, ABC Sattlerei, and Markus Heise.

I went with Markus Heise as he asked insightful questions regarding the details of Pionier skin that I did not get from the other vendors. Herr Heise also included in his offer to replace some of missing pieces, make new deadwood pieces for the skin, patterns for the missing seat bottoms, and included shipment to the US in the prices (I got quotes of about 200 Euros for shipping a completed skin from some of the other vendors).

When I got the new skin last Fall from Markus Heise I was very pleased with the quality. However, as I wanted to put the kayak when it was hot, to ensure the skin was nice and supple, that had to wait until this year. Assembly was pretty straight forward and completely different from what I'm used to with Pouch or Klepper (not that that was a surprise).

I'll try to link a few pix showing how this tandem compares to an Aerius 2:


Comparing the cockpits:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/18438972@N ... hotostream

Note I added rudders to both of the kayaks, mainly because my wife was paddling the Aerius and it would make that easier for her. The Poinier sits lower in the water and is at least as fast as the Aerius 2. I look forward to paddling it without a rudder and to set it up as a long single!

Here are some pix of the 520-Z on the Maumee River.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/18438972@N ... hotostream

http://www.flickr.com/photos/18438972@N ... hotostream

Hope the links to the pix work. Also, as I get some time I'll write up some of my observation on how the boat handles, and hopefully, sail. This tandem folder's sail set includes two masts for the jib, mainsail, and a mizzen. That is a lot of sail! Maybe one of you guys who are really into sailing these kayaks can stop by and give me a hand!

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Re: Pionier 520-Z

Post by Ozpaddler »

Gday Barry

Beautiful boat, Im sure you'll enjoy sailing her, make sure you post some pics


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Re: Pionier 520-Z

Post by john allsop »

You have certainly found a nice new boat, and the sails sound terrific. If you think they will be too tender then add outriggers. We will all drool when you show us photos with the sails rigged. (and know doubt envious)

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