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john allsop
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Has anyone seen the MONT BELL kayak, in the "for sale section " there is one on offer and it looks fantastic, is it too good to be true. There are two MONT BELL shops in the USA but they don,t seem to have the kayaks, the company makes all sorts of out door gear, or appear to so the shops look like outdoor clothing shops. They should get kayaks, MONT BELL should improve their web site and try and get their kayaks in the UK.

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I've looked at the kayaks in their shops in Japan (MontBell in Japan is sort of like REI in the US). I haven't paddled one, but my impression was that they are a little like, perhaps, Folbot-- maybe a notch or two above. Fujita (their competitor) might be a notch below Feathercraft.

Arfeq is a proprietary brand of MontBell, if I remember correctly.
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