Neris Smart Series Kayaks Part Two

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Neris Smart Series Kayaks Part Two

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At the end of the demo I made arrangements to come to the factory again in the morning in order to pick up a Neris Smart III for my friends. I spent some time in the shop watching as they added a fourth seat in order to accommodate both children. I saw that the Smart line could also, with the addition of thwarts between the flotation tubes, be used as a traditional canoe with single paddles. There was also an option of adding a spraydeck and skirts and a sailing rig as well as a rudder.

My friends have been nothing but delighted with their kayak. I will share a short note that me friends wrote to me about their boat.

We are the lucky owners of a Neris Smart III. It’s the big one that can fit our family of four easily. The first thing we like is how it is all packed in one bag. We normally keep it in our garage but sometimes leave it at home in our apartment. The next thing is how it is designed: Even the kids can put it together (ages 11 and 5) and it is very easy. We often use it for fishing and there is no problem with several people and all the gear. It is also very fast, much faster than other boats we normally see in our area. The kids love it and even they can paddle it quite fast alone.

I sometimes elect not to go out for an afternoon due to the time required to put a kayak together but Neris Smart series has negated my normal excuse for not getting off the couch and doing something.

I think I’m up to something like six kayaks but I do see a Neris in the future. Where to put it?

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