Boats from Clear Blue Hawaii

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Boats from Clear Blue Hawaii

Post by avventuri »

Can anybody share experiences and opinions on these boats?

Their Molokai seem like a "copy" of the Pakboat Sport – and what about the Napali?
We´re considering adding these boats to our shop and it would be great to hear somebody else´s take on these boats.

While you gather your thoughts – it´s saturday morning here in Denmark and it seem like the perfect day for a spin in the Klepper :D Be safe and ejoy the day.


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Post by Paul »

The main issue I think is with the transparent hulls. I don't think there is any substrate fabric within the hull material (enabling it to be see through), which would drastically reduce its tear strength and thus limit the kayak for recreational use.

Most hypalon and polyurethane hull materials have a substrate fabric (denier nylon, etc) covered by synthetic rubber. The substrate fabric makes the hull significantly more tear resistant.

Ultimately, it depends on who your target market is. If your target customer values the experience of being able to see through the kayak more than the kayak being puncture resistant, then it could be a good idea. If you're customers are the type that will be turned off by this trade-off, then it's a bad idea.


Re: Boats from Clear Blue Hawaii

Post by Alm »

avventuri wrote: Their Molokai seem like a "copy" of the Pakboat Sport – and what about the Napali?
They have skin of unsupported polyurethane. Without fabric substrate.


Post by avventuri »

Great input - thanks. We will test a boat this weekend – the model similar to the Pakboat.

I whole-heartedly agree that the transparent bottom strip is gimmicky, but our feeling is that if the boat is otherwise OK – it could be a good alternative for someone who doesnt want our "real" boats, like a Klepper. Different boats – different markets.

We have sold Advanced Elements products as a low-end alternative, but have had some very bad "service" experiences with their european distributor, – hence the need for an alternative product.

I´ll let you know after a weekend in the "glass bottom". :-D

M. B.


Re: Boats from Clear Blue Hawaii

Post by sarahthegrea8 »

I've owned one of these Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks for 7 years now. I've beaten the heck out of it and can say it is very puncture resistant. I even absentmindedly driven into a parking garage with it on my roof and knocked it off my truck by banging it head on into the concrete structure. It did not break or crack. The kayak won't stay clear for long though unless you baby it. Even the rough side of a sponge will scratch it. Also, the company has a terrible history of not delivering product. There are plenty of stories on the internet, check the BBB website, about people sending money to the company for large orders of kayaks (presumably to start a rental operation or resell them) and not getting their orders for a long, long time.

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