Silva 70 un compass

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Re: Silva 70 un compass

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I've wanted one of these since I first saw them in a Klepper ad. I found and purchased one this past summer and finally tried it out a couple days ago. I had been waiting to use it because I hadn't mounted the holder anywhere on the boat yet. When I realized I had misplaced the mounting bracket I finally decided to heck with it and put the compass in my 'go bag' for the next paddle - to be used handheld.

Holding it in the Klepper AII a couple days ago it worked great. Then the thought occurred to me that I might be able to rest it in the mast hole at the peak of the coaming. It fit great, a little loose, but in the calm conditions it stayed nicely in position for most of the trip. Until I find or order a new mounting bracket I think I'll continue to use this method of mounting with a little foam or rubber to snug it up a bit.

The visibility of the compass is great during the day. My version, the UNE 70, has a light built into it and I haven't tried it at night yet other than in the house. The light is red for night vision which works great, but the sighting lines (lubber lines) on the compass are red as well and I'm not sure how visible they will be at night with the red internal light. Playing with it in the house it didn't seem great. Probably won't try this out at night until warmer weather.

By the way, here in the US the Silva is known as Nexus. Model numbers are the same. I found mine in a navigation supply store around Chicago. ... ompass.htm

So far I like it a lot and haven't found any negative aspects. I'm pretty sure it floats as well.


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Re: Silva 70 un compass

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Thanks for a most informative discussion! I never though about inclination.

Incidentally, I have a Silva 70 I used on two sailboats. It's an excellent design and very flexible as to mounting options as well as easy to see when you're trying to come to a particulr tack. My favorite for taking bearings is the Plastimo Iris 50; I managed to find one on sale some time ago.
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