good Half-finger gloves ?

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good Half-finger gloves ?

Post by KMP »

The pair I have now from warmers: needs replacing as the lightweight nylon material on the sides of the fingers is coming apart. Similar gloves I've looked at all have the same construction: some thicker material on the palm and top of the hand, with a real thin - stretchy nylon/lycra like material in-between the fingers. The rest of the glove is fine, but the fabric in-between the fingers is just not strong enough.

Anyone have any recommendations? Going without isn't an option in Maine, and full glove will be overkill in Florida.

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Re: good Half-finger gloves ?

Post by DLee »

I used to be a fishing guide in NY Harbor about 8 years ago. We fished March through December, I feel your pain, literally.

I found a pair of Simm's fishing gloves during these years and I'm still using them every winter. The glove is fingertip-less, but it has a mitten that wraps over the top when you don't need the fine dexterity. I wore these with silk or polypropeline (sp) liners underneath (maintained tactile feeling and added a little warmth). I'm thinking I tried to keep them as dry as possible, but I'm sure they regularly got soaked.

I tried everything I could find, and these were the only ones that worked. I had some neoprene gloves for a while but the tactile capability was extremely poor and they stank so bad after a month I had to throw them away.

I'll see if I can find a link for the Simm's glove. I can't think of what they are made of. Not sure they're going to be the answer for kayaking, but may be worth a try.

Here's a link: ... _mitt.html#

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