Lightweight anchor from down under.

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Lightweight anchor from down under.

Post by slidegear »

I recently picked up a couple of Cooper Anchors to try out and seems that they do work great in the very sandy lake bottom of this part of the Great Lakes. Would be curious to see how it does on rocky bottoms or log strewn streams.


These are a more compact version of the more current contemporary anchor design. The fact that these are targeted at smaller vessels is a bonus. Since they're made of nylon there is less chance for these anchors to damage the fabric hull of folding boats. I'm using a 2m chain to achieve a 4 to 1 scope and had to drill out the holes a little larger then file the gaps of the chain shackles for them fit but it really didn't take that much fit my kit.

At $50 I'd say they are worth the investment.

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Re: Lightweight anchor from down under.

Post by DLee »

I spent a lot of time thinking about anchors before I did my Jamaica Bay fishing trip. I ended up buying an eight pound rubber coated mushroom anchor which I never did use. I liked it because it seemed heavy enough, would fit in my canvas bucket with the anchor line, and didn't have any sharp edges if I needed to use the bucket for something else. I'm looking forward to testing it's holding power.

I like the concept of that Cooper anchor but it seems like it could be one of those items that requires a lot of forethought. IE, in a strong current it could take quite a while for this thing to reach bottom and grab hold. Granted we are not in power boats, and the idea of losing an engine while the boat drifts back towards the rocks may not be a concern for us, well maybe Greg will worry about it one day... but I do like the boat to stop when I want it to stop. Do the angled 'wings' on this anchor help drive it downward through the water when there's tension on the line?

I guess a nice length of chain would get it down pretty quick... that kinda defeats the purpose though doesn't it?

I'd like to hear more details about your experiences with these anchors when you get a chance Alan. I'll also let you guys know about the mushroom anchor when I get a chance to try it out.

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Re: Lightweight anchor from down under.

Post by HeavyWeather »

Has anyone here tried a squid anchor? ... nchor.html

Looks like it could be a winner.

Personally I just use a 6lb cast iron sash weight from an old window while I'm out fishing in the kayak. I like that there are no sharps edges, it's the right shape for storing in a skinny boat, and it is really effective. Oh yeah, cheap too. Downside, it's rusty. Maybe I'll plastidip it one of these days.

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