Kayak re-entry and Safety

PFDs, flares, signals, flotation bags, radios.

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Kayak re-entry and Safety

Post by lrmbmw »

Does anybody have any comments on Sea Wings? And where they are available? I know Feathercraft has them but at a steep price.


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Post by tsunamichuck »

You may have better luck asking over at http://www.paddling.net I am sure you will get a rather surprising array of opinions on them.
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Post by mje »

Much of the vitirol directed at the original maker of these add-ons has to do with his strong opinions, rather than the utility of the sponsons themselves. He essentially said that every other method of rescue was foolish and would lead to death, and only his method was acceptable. Didn't win him a lot of friends. I have a pair I bought for my old F-craft but never used. They seemed like a good idea.
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Sea Wings

Post by lrmbmw »

Thr original guy, Tim Ingram, told me in an email that "I have decided to not bother selling them, in view of the deadly instruction scam for money, despite so many deaths." So they are available thorugh Feathercraft, and maybe some other places. Ingram does have rather strong opinions!!

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Post by krudave »

Let's keep his name out of here; he will search out mention of his devices and crawl all over this forum with his pitch. I was part of the original group (Wavelength listserv) where he began promoting them; his diatribes killed a perfectly good, useful kayak listserv, and spawned Paddlewise. Many long-time sea kayakers have a very bad taste in their mouths from his tactics.

lrmbmw, PM me if you want a candid opinion of their utility. I will not discuss them here.
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Post by nohoval_turrets »

It's a shame that these things can't be discussed for fear of you-know-who. I've never used them, but I do think they are a good idea in some circumstances. The Khats assembly video has some instruction on re-entering and rolling, and a piece on using the wings. Attaching them takes a while, and lot of moving about (and under) the boat which seems to me to create a separation danger in big water. But once the job is done, you're fantastically stable, which would be a big plus if you're incapacitated - seasick say, or had a dislocated shoulder.

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