Sea Anchor

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Sea Anchor

Post by swscrown »

I've been trying to find a Driftstopper by Boulter of Earth and have not found any. I've heard Boulter went out of business. Does anyone know where one can be obtained?

Feathercraft makes a sea anchor that looks similar. Is it a suitable substitute? How does it compare to the Driftstopper?




Post by acrosome »

I read a kayaking handbook recently that mentioned the sea anchor by Boulter of Earth. It said that they were the "only sea anchor specifically made for kayaks" but that they were no longer made. I suppose this information is by definition out of date, since Feathercraft makes one. Make of it what you will.


Post by Alm »

Ask the "Chief" Steve Isaac at the forum. He is using drift anchor, described with all the lines, fishing reel (in lieu of winch) etc in the article "Rigging Class 3 boat" in Magazine on that site. Feathercraft usually makes good things. Their foldable cart is one of the few exceptions.

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