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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:40 pm 
Hello all! Im new to kayaking and in need of my first kayak. I live on long island and want to start fishing locally. Next to me is the North and South shore, (long island sound, and the bay areas). Bellow I will list as many specifics as possible to help describe what im after.

Kayak: foldable/ inflatable 2 person.

price range:$700-$2000

Construction: I have heard that fiberglass is recommended for the north shore, but that doesnt come portable.

location: close to shore waters. The long island sound can get rough. But I wont be doing any long touring middle of the ocean stuff obviously.

Uses: fishing primarily, I dont have a ton of equipment thou.

passenger weight: total 300 lbs

What im looking for: I know my price range is limited, but I dont want to be underclassed to much by hard shell boats. I want something that is efficient and can get up to speed. Most importantly that it can handle the north and south shores and can be assembled quickly. The only kayak I came across so far is the pakboat puffin saranac. Will an inflatable hybrid like this be that much different from the real thing?

Thank you.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:19 pm 
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Given your budget, you should probably be looking at the Folbot Edisto, Yukoin, and Aleut, among others.All three are beamy, stable, and just under your budget. You might also consider a used double kayak.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:09 am 
The Small Boat Shop in Norwalk, CT, carries both Feathercraft and Klepper, has instructional classes, is right on a wharf on the inlet so you can test paddle right there and also has a huge number of used boats that they sell for owners. Nice people and very informative -- worth a train ride to Norwalk for a few hours some nice day.

I am a little concerned about your intentions of paddling around Manhattan. Those are serious waters, not for beginners. It is a tidal area with strong currents and dangerous on water traffic. If that is your intent -- please go first with a qualified outfitter, preferably in their rental boats so that you can get proper instruction in a supervised environment.

You've likely already read my comments on Pakboats (like them a lot) so I will just reiterate that the velcro band doesn't leak in normal conditions, even in strong waves. It is more a benefit than detrement, increasing the simplicity of assembly and gear access. Very sea worthy craft. I would be more inclined to use a folder like the Pakboat XT's than any inflatable in the New York waters. They are boats you could take offshore along Long Island as well. You need something that will not be a struggle to paddle back to land on windy days with surf in the mix. Inflatables can be a challenge for that.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:09 pm 
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I have sailed and paddled the Sound around Norwalk, CT in a Klepper AEII and a Long Haul Ute. The Ute got a little short in waves a couple times and is too tight for serious fishing. The AEII on the other hand is a little big but is a fantastic fishing platform. I'm not positive, but I think you might be able to keep up with most fishing kayaks solo paddling the AEII. You will not keep up with sea going hard-shells paddling this boat solo.

As a fishing platform the AEII has a ton of room to work and stow gear in. You can set up anchoring systems, rod holders, depth finder... basically anything you want in an AEII; especially if you pick up a used one and don't worry too much about modifying the original design a bit. I've fished with a Kuvia Kayaksailer mounted up front and trolled in Jamaica Bay - great fun. There's a lot to be discussed in terms of fishing but in terms of a versatile boat on LI Sound that you can fish from and feel safe... this is a great one. With a little practice you could stand in the boat without outriggers and fly cast on a calm morning.

Realistically it's a big boat that can be folded... but if you are anxious to get on the water with a lot of fishing gear you'll want to car top it to and from the water and break it down at home.

Also, this is probably the most common folding boats on the used market...

The Aerius 1 or Long Haul MK1 are probably great boats for the Sound as well but you are in a smaller cockpit. Which brings me back to a point I may not have expressed properly above: The open cockpit of the AEII gives you a ton of room to work, move around in and fish.

With any folder and fishing special attention needs to be given to landing fish like Blues or Bass (fin spikes) that could puncture the deck or hull.

I've never owned a Folbot but have often thought the Folbot Yukon would be a great fishing platform. Personally I'm saving for a Long Haul MK1 to play with in the Sound.


PS - The Small Boat Shop in Norwalk is a great shop but they don't carry current folding models - at least not all the time I've been going there. They have one AERIUS II Expedition for sale at a decent price and an older Feathercraft Youth kayak - whose model name I can never remember. Call them before you head over there to see folding boats. They will order anything for you... but they don't usually have any new stuff (folders) in stock.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 12:36 pm 
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I would second the suggestion of a Pakboat. In fact, Pakboat is selling two demo tandems at the moment in their "specials", an XT-16 with double deck set up to use with a sail rig and at XT-17 with both solo and double decks. Both are priced at $1595 which is a good price for either. ... cle&id=110

I've owned an XT-15 -- very nice boat in any conditions, much easier to set up than my Feathercrafts. I've paddled in Long Island Sound, primarily along the north shore (Norwalk, Bridgeport, the Thimbles, etc.) and I think you would be very happy with an XT. The XT-17 has the advantage that you could also paddle it solo.

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