Question Regarding Used Folbot

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Question Regarding Used Folbot

Post by caucapon »

Hello All,

Recently saw a Greenland II that appears to be a pre 1997 model. It was apparently assembled a number of years ago and then left in that state. The skin appears intact and unrepaired. It is, however, quite oxidized top and bottom.

If I were to purchase this, it would be with the intention of frequently assembling and disassembling the boat. Based on the above description, would the skin likely hold up well under such treatment for a number of years, or are cracks/tears a real likelihood in the near future?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Re: Question Regarding Used Folbot

Post by mje »

I bought a used Folbot Aleut from a dealer that had been put away wet. When it arrived, the hull was covered with oxidation. I gave the hull a wipedown with 303, waited a minuted, wiped it off, and it looked like new.

So long as the boat hasn't been stored exposed to the sun, which would weaken the deck fabric, it should be fine. Check the deck for weak spots, poking with your fingers. If you see any signs of tearing threads or brittleness, skip it.
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Re: Question Regarding Used Folbot

Post by caucapon »

Hi Michael,

Appreciate your comments.

My prevailing concern regarding used foldables is the continuing reliability of skins that are ten to twenty, or even more, years old. Apparently a new skin for a Folbot Greenland II will run in the area of $1500. If such a purchase is required within the first few years of my ownership, then purchasing the used kayak for $500 is very poor economics. A new Greenland with full warranty now can be had for just a bit over $2000.

While I very like the idea of a used foldable, the reality of such a purchase may well be much more than I bargained for! I routinely see thirty to forty year old Kleppers going for heavy sums. I have no idea whether these crafts are on their first, second, etc. skins. I realize that newer models are produced with significantly improved skins. What I don't know is how durable the older materials were.

Again, thanks.


Re: Question Regarding Used Folbot

Post by Red »

Hi caucapon,

I have a 1993 Folbot GII that I purchased 4 years ago. It has been on many adventures since then and routinely stays assembled all summer.

It is stored under cover all winter in an unheated shed. Unless the GII you are considering has been VERY badly abused, I would have absolutely

no worries about the integrity of the hull fabric. Hypalon is pretty tough stuff!

As Michael pointed out: check the deck fabric for weak spots. It's likely to be just fine if it's not visibly frayed. Fading is not usually a major

defect. At $500.00 I would consider it to be a very good deal. Make sure the longerons are not seized together at the sleeve that joins them,

and upgrade to the aluminum washboards (cockpit coaming) and you will be able to enjoy this boat for many years.

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