Identifying an early '60s self-build double kayak

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Identifying an early '60s self-build double kayak

Post by Blacksheep »

Hi Everyone,

I am very much hoping someone will be able to help me identify this boat, or at the very least have some useful information about it.
Photos can be seen at:

It was built in the early '60s and there is evidence of it being used back in the '60s. It has been in storage for the last 40 years or so, and is missing a skin, as well as what seems like one wooden part.
The wood and the metal fixings look to be in reasonable condition considering the length of storage.

It is not clear whether this was built to a known plan or was a home-design. Many of the parts look like they were fabricated at home.

Does anyone know whether it is realistic to identify this boat? To restore it? To locate a skin? To see it in the water again?

Any help most appreciated.

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Re: Identifying an early '60s self-build double kayak

Post by idc »

Might it be a Percy Blandford Kayak?
That is a guess, but if you google you will find some PBK enthusiasts who might be able to advise. (Or more knowledgeable members of this forum may be along shortly.)
Good luck,

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Re: Identifying an early '60s self-build double kayak

Post by john allsop »

I would suggest you contact the Historical canoe and kayak association in the UK to see if they can help.

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