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 Post subject: Some Free Parts
PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:10 pm 
recent arrival

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From different folders owned at different times. Let me know your postal code to estimate shipping. Or local pickup. Located in Vancouver, BC.

Folbot rudder

Used this on FC, - their rudders are small-ish. Pintle was modified, to make it rest deeper in the stern bracket because on FC the gudgeons are farther apart. The lower thin part is same diameter as before, only one inch longer. See red tape – this is where it was machined to thinner diameter. You could probably put some sleeve/spacer there, to emulate the thicker diameter. Have more photos if my explanations are not clear.
Drilled one more ¼” hole in the blade – stern bracket on FC had a different angle. Small piece of blade was cut out to make sure it wouldn’t hit the hull.

Tiny Clevis pins to keep the yoke centered in the pintle – those white pieces of wire are to show where the pins were. Also missing - nylon lines, pedal yoke, vertical tube/post, one bracket to hold pedals to the post. It is possible that the tube/post is laying around in my camper far in the South, but I won’t be there until October to look it up.

GII Keel Strip – one EDIT: GONE
Bought a pair, used one to protect the existing strip on K1 (yes, strip over another strip). Softer material than K1 or MK1 strips - designed to be sacrificial. You might want to fix the ends with Aquaseal, to prevent peeling off.



1) Rear hatch covers – one from K1, one from Big Kahuna.

I had BSD mast in the rear hatch (yes, in the aft), and made a neoprene mast sleeve – you can close it with Aquaseal glue. Kahuna cover has 2 small holes for bolts holding BSD thwart/crossbar – again, can be patched.

2) K1 aft deck-bar for 1.5" BSD mast
Nicely welded piece of aluminum, goes in place of a regular deck-bar. On Kahuna I made my own mast partner, still have it somewhere, and photos if anybody is interested. Aft sail was very convenient to use both on K1 and Kahuna – could paddle when there wasn’t enough wind, and sail could be stowed out of the way in the rear.

3) K1 bow-piece
White HDPE is a little off – see the gap between the tube and HDPE. They replaced it with another one. She said the plastic was correct shape, but the tube wasn’t bend accurately.

Frame Bag for Longhaul or Folbot or BSD

This is the only item that I would like to SELL. For whatever it is worth to you. It’s in a good shape, some abrasions, nothing serious. I believe Longhaul sell it for US$ 120-140.
Liked it so much on MK1 that bought another one after had sold MK1. Nice to have with long frame pieces of MK1, Folbot, or others. Or - with a sail rig.

Dimensions L-W-H: 56” x 12” x 9.5”. Nice material, better than on FC bags or Folbot sail bag (can’t say about Folbot frame bags, never owned one). Cinch straps, to compress it before closing zipper. There was one shoulder strap - now they make it with 2 straps, like a backpack. Don’t remember what happened to shoulder strap - you don’t want to carry long heavy bag on one shoulder. See the blue loop on the photo with FC – I tied 2 carry-handles to small end-loops where the shoulder strap was attached, worked fine in car/taxi/airport etc.

For flying, I loaded it with MK1 frame, BSD rig, 2-piece paddle and something else. Total 2 checked bags – this one, and skin bag. Ribs and food - in carryon. With FC K1 it contained BSD, paddle, and some frame parts – again 2 checked bags. I had the “old” BSD, but this bag should work with a new BSD as well. New BSD akas have flaps that add width, so regular BSD bag doesn’t work anymore.

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