Long Haul Mark 1 - Mint Condition - For Sale $2200 NC SOLD!

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Long Haul Mark 1 - Mint Condition - For Sale $2200 NC SOLD!

Post by Jaybyrd »

Reluctantly putting my mint condition Long Haul Mark 1 up for sale. I believe it was about a 2010 made boat but frame and skin are in perfect condition. Little to no fading. Top deck is blue and the new better material (not cotton, which drys WAY too slowly). No patches. Sponsons hold air perfectly. I'm very meticulous in taking care of my boats! Always washed off and fully dried after use in salt water and regularly treated with a conditioner for the hull to keep it soft and supple. Always kept out of the weather in my enclosed "boat house". Boat can be car topped without any issues.
This is an extremely stable boat -- the craft you want (and may need) if you are ever going to do any serious solo ocean adventures in potentially rough waters. Kayak is just under 16' long with a 28" beam.
What is really special about this boat is that it is BSD (Balogh Sail Design) ready -- meaning the mast hole has been bored out to accept a BSD 2" mast and the 4 small carriage bolts are installed on the cockpit combing (to attach the BSD center piece of the AKA). It also has foot pedals that have been adapted to let the mast fit through them. I used it almost exclusively for that purpose -- sailing -- and it performed very well. However, it also has the two larger than normal long oval shaped double zippered hatches which make a huge difference loading and unloading your boat while kayak camping. Full reinforcing keel strips everywhere. Includes nice LH spray skirt in new-ish condition and of course the rudder and a complete set of never used LH travel bags. Also has a nice custom LH comfort seat. I can’t let this mint condition boat go for less than $2,200. With all the custom work on those hatches, I think this boat goes new for over $5,000. Bought it 2 years ago from Jon Sairs (great guy) at Sail Your Own Kayak for $2600. I've been paddling folding boats all over North and south America & Europe for 25 years and firmly believe there is not a better made solo folding boat in the world than the Long Hall Mark 1 Expedition.
Only selling because I just bought a brand new LH UTE from Mark Eckhart and also have a double Klepper expedition A2 that converts to solo configuration. Guess I really don't need 3 folding boats? Or maybe I do.... :lol:
Also have a nearly new 230 cm Feathercraft 4 piece Cormorant fiberglass (really bomb proof) paddle I could sell for a negotiated price. New I think they were $310 -- just a great paddle.
Can Fedex the boat anywhere in the world in a strong box. You pay of course, but I will box it very, very well and fully insure it. I accept cash, PayPal or a wire transfer from your bank. Currently located in Oriental, North Carolina but I sometimes bring it back to Raleigh, NC. Meet me either place and you are welcome to test paddle it first. If you come to Oriental, I can set you up with a full BSD sail rig for trial purposes at the Small Boat Testing Facility (SBTF). I have bomb proof Goretex dry suits you can use, but at the moment (Thanksgiving), the water remains warm enough. BTW -- I highly recommend BSD for sailing -- by far the best quality sailing stuff out there for kayaks -- and I've tried them all!
For any of the Sails Angels group, I will be at the 2019 Folbot Flotilla in Flamingo (Everglades) January 23 - 30th -- so a possibility of bringing the Mark 1 down there to you -- if you are really serious.
Call Jeff at: (919) 414-4350. Lots of pics and sailing videos available if you are serious. Or go to Raleigh Craigslist to see a few pics, as it's also for sale there.

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