Klepper A-2, single/double, older bargain, $750?

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Klepper A-2, single/double, older bargain, $750?

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I bought this Klepper Aerius II about 20 yrs ago. I carefully sanded and varnished the entire frame. I also riveted two bits of the proper plywood to where there were cracks in the keel board (without knowing what to look for, you’d hardly notice). Then I got a full set of keel strips and front (and rear?) bumpers from Mark Eckart at Long Haul Kayak and glued them on.

I believe this is a ‘60s or early 70’s vintage boat (due to the light-weight and dark colored keel board portions). The skin definitely shows its age. The blue canvas is great—no rips or tears. The rubber portion, which I refinished when I got it, has an area or two of the “elephant skin” age-related condition. There’s some thread-pull where the skin tucks into the coaming. However, I put the boat in the water yesterday, and it’s very much seaworthy.

The caveats: Until recently the boat had not been out of storage in a dozen years. The lower portion of the front bumper needs to be re-glued where it goes over the keel strips. The upper, trickier part of the bumper is intact. The rear bumper is mostly intact.

I modified this boat for use by a single paddler, putting the forward seat-back mount more amidship and adding the necessary grommet-holes in the skin to accommodate said mount. This can easily be returned to the two-person position (remove the four screws and return to the original mount).

The boat comes with one Klepper paddle, condition serviceable but not fancy. For seats I like the LongHaul comfort seats—none included—so you will get the original seat backs (no longer inflatable) and original wood seat base, though I suggest rigging any suitable camp seat.

The frame is quite strong, complete, and ready for use. Two of the dowel pieces (longerons) were either cracked or broken, and I repaired them. You’ll see the tape wrapping, though you won’t see the aluminum sheet metal beneath. These can be replaced if you desire, but they are just as strong as original in their current condition. As they are in the bottom of the boat, you’ll hardly notice when in use. (The breakage occurred when a guy went to load my kayak on his rooftop rack, and flopped it on its side as the hardshell kayakers do. That explains the one side, and the damage on the other side I honestly cannot remember--maybe it was cracked when I bought it?)

The original blue rubber fittings that hold the longerons to the frame tend to suffer with age, so I replaced several of these with the black plastic ones from Long Haul. These are so stiff when new that it’s a minor struggle to connect them until they’re well worn-in, but with use they will give more readily.

If you’re looking for a showpiece, keep looking. If you're willing to do a little repair to put a classic boat in the water at little cost—here’s your opportunity. I will make someone a very reasonable deal as I have one other Klepper double, one single Klepper, and a Long Haul single—I simply have too many boats.

You'll also get a never-used, never mounted 2-person spraycover.

I’d love to get $750, but am open to offers. I have 35 photos, including details of repairs, skin condition, seats, paddles, etc. This site limits me to 3 photos per post, so if anyone has interest I can email many more images.

I began paddling a Klepper in 1958, so you’re dealing with a knowledgeable owner, and I will help you in any way possible. Mark Eckhart and Long Haul kayak are your real source for info and/or materials. Long Haul can supply you with a new skin; I bought one from them for my other A2.

I am located in Boulder, Colorado, so unless you’re within 200 miles this will involve shipping.
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