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[SOLD] 199X Folbot Greenland II $750 obo - Vancouver BC

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:47 am
by nwaber
Hi everyone,
I'm (halfheartedly) selling my Folbot. It's a lovely boat, but I find that these days when I have time to paddle I load up my canoe more often than my kayak. Now we're moving and it looks like our storage space will be reduced.

It's a mid-90's Folbot Greenland II, with the polycarbonate ribs. It's not in showroom condition, but it doesn't leak, is tructurally sound, and is a joy to paddle. It has no leaks, no patches, and only some minor damage to non-essential components (see my CL post for details and pics: ... 25407.html ). It also has no spray deck (though there is a cockpit cover that might be modified...). But it does have a downwind sailing kit, rudder, and portage cart! (Also two paddles and a bailer/line/whistle/light kit.)

I've modified the frame so the front seat can be moved back to rib #5 (off the top of my head) so it can be paddled solo. I have not modified the rudder lines for solo use.

I'm not keen on shipping it so I'd prefer a local sale. If you're located elsewhere, perhaps you've got a paddling buddy in SW BC who can act as your local proxy. Price is in CDN, and is negotiable within reason.