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Kahuna to Nicaragua

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:24 am
by eguillermo2
Last month I took my Kahuna to the southern end of Nicaragua where there are huge amounts of still and moving fresh water in Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan river, respectively. It turned out to be a great trip with no end of great paddling.

I wrote and posted pictures on a fishing-theme blog, but it might have some interest for folding kayakers. This post describes hooking a 93-pound fish from a 35-pound Feathercraft Kahuna: ... omedy.html

There are also some shots and info about paddling around the archipelago Solentiname. Highly recommended!

The best part of the river trip was paddling near Rio Bartola, which feels very remote. I thought that I was pretty original to be paddling my own kayak in such a place However, guess what I saw on the river there one morning: a dude in a Kahuna just like mine, only blue, and a Japanese flag showing in a map case!