Lewis and Clark River, near Astoria, OR

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Lewis and Clark River, near Astoria, OR

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It's been a while.


A bright breeze out of the north.

Gravelly, coarse, steep ramp. Weeds, tons 'o neoprene.

Two newbies, cheerful and apprehensive. Chocolate galore.

Freedom, grace, the lightness of gliding. Wind in the face.

Fine pale new shoots in the mud.

A lonely canoe, knocking back and forth.


Elk tracks galumphing up the bank. Cattle lowing in the distance.

Tame cinnamon teal.

A Pygmy Arctic Tern, deck inlay shining; Carrie is new in town.

Two good old boys in a twelve foot jon boat. Fifty buck special, motor and all.

Strength low, some pain up high. Good.

We'll do it again.

[Random thoughts on resuming paddling after an 11-month hiatus, induced by a degenerative shoulder condition; old age is not for the timid ... or the testosterone-afflicted. It's easy paddling from here on out.]
Dave Kruger
Astoria, OR
Folbot Kodiak, Cooper, and Edisto; three hardshells; Mothership: Surf Scoter the Bartender; dinghy Little Blue Duck.

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