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Winter, What Winter II

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Pardon me for stealing a title, but I think it is appropriate here back East ( Southeast ) as well!

We just returned from the Santa Fe river in North Florida where my wife and I enjoyed a 3 day, 2 night trip down this historic spring fed wilderness river.

The weather was perfect ( mid 70's high and high 40's at night ). This river starts out as a spring fed marsh just North of Gainesville Fl. As it meanders West, then North, then finally South before it feeds into the Suwannee river, it is fed by numerous springs. Even the coldest North Florida winter days or the hottest Summer days, it remains a mild 72 degrees.

The river is home to a varety of plant and animal life. We saw many turtles and otters along the banks, Falcons, Buzzards and owls above. In winter, the river is popular for Manatees and all year long the 'gators live there as well.

I have included a link of just a few pictures ... 9913bdkphr
as well as a link to the river itself. If you are ever in the Southeast, for a paddler, the Florida spring fed rivers and coastal marshes ( in the more unpopulated areas ) are a treat. We leave Disney World to the other tourists.


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