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Kapitan, you live in a beautiful part of the continent with all those rocks and islets around you, well populated with seals and lions. Kayaking and fishing must be really good! Sea conditions there is another story.

Some time ago we intended to sail from Friday Harbour to Port Townsend. It was ebbing in the channel with a gale blowing from the Pacific. The change was sudden around Goose Island with the seas from flat to just about as large as you can find them at Columbia bar. My Widgeon (Cape George 36) was holding pretty well, but after a while we decided to run for shelter to Mackaye Herbour as I do not think we would be able to go back through the San Juan Channel that day.

Anyway, back to the subject. The easiest way for you and your group to cross the Haro Strait is by Anacortes ferry. It leaves Friday Harbour daily at 09:35 and arrives in Sidney at 10:50. I'm almost positive that they allow walk-on kayaks on board. We would meet on the beach, which is just a few minutes away from the ferry terminal, and take off from there. The first day's paddle would be abot 15 km, or 3 hours to Portland Island campground. The reverse would apply for the way back. The ferry leaves daily at 11:45 for Friday Harbour.

Here is the link to Anacortes ferry schedule: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/schedul ... te=ana-sid

I hope all goes well and we meet in a few weeks.

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