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Kayak fishing blog, Baja entry

Post by eguillermo2 »

Anyone else fishing from their folder? I've been blogging about my big fishing trips for a while now, and my Kahuna seems to crop up constantly for some reason :)

Here's my recent Baja trip:

http://fishin2007.blogspot.com/2008/04/ ... while.html

and my old greatest hit on fighting a 93-pound tarpon in a Kahuna:

http://fishin2007.blogspot.com/2007/01/ ... omedy.html

If you're an expeditioneer who might like to fish Prince William Sound this July, paddling back to Whittier from a Chenega Bay ferry stop, you should email me to discuss.


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Gnarly squid, dude

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Post by tsunamichuck »

Feathercraft Kahuna ( Angela )
Mariner Express ( Miruku Maru ) ( In Storage)
Northwest Sportee (SuperBoat)
Innova Safari
Mariner I
Feathercraft Java
Nautiraid 14
Innova Sunny
Aire Tributary Sawtooth

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