On a river in the city

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On a river in the city

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I took a friend out for his first time in a folder, today. We took the Metro (i.e. subway) to the last stop, which is near a park run by the flood-control folks. It was my first time there. The homeless people have all the prime spots staked out, down by the river (they even grow their own crops there!), but they don't seem to mind our intrusion. The river was very dirty and it drizzled all day. Despite that, we had a wonderful 3 hours on the river (and a couple of assembly/disassembly). He was in the Puffin II and I was in the Swift. On the way back, sitting on the Metro, my friend said "y'know: it just goes to show... you can do anything you set your mind to doing". He was very impressed by this folding boat idea, and sounds like he's considering getting one of these boats, himself.
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chrstjrn wrote: you can do anything you set your mind to doing".
"anything" is not relevant to the subject.

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