Where to go.....in LA

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Where to go.....in LA

Post by Nautriraid-double »

Hey there is a possibility that I might spend a few days in LA this September. Can anyone tell me where there is a good (and safe :? ) place to go kayaking.


Re: Where to go.....in LA

Post by K7Baixo »

Nautriraid-double wrote:Hey there is a possibility that I might spend a few days in LA this September. Can anyone tell me where there is a good (and safe :? ) place to go kayaking.
I think that the August "Sea Kayaker" had a pretty good article about Catalina Island. Seems that there are plenty of options there.


Re: Where to go.....in LA

Post by JCBII »

Darn, it's too bad that I just now read this thread. I would have recommended Newport Beach. More specifically, the "Back Bay" at Newport Beach. You can put in at the Newport Beach aquatic center (NAC). It's a great place to start out on your kayak. You can paddle toward the Back Bay portion, which is a marsh area that's very tranquil (I believe it is also a bird sanctuary). Or you can go out into Newport Bay which leads to the ocean. It's a lot of fun to paddle out into the bay and just watch all the activity going on. Southwind Kayaks also has a rental location across the water from the Newport Aquatic Center (you can get directions from their website), so you don't have to bring your own kayak if you choose not to. Actually..... what am I thinking? NAC also rents kayaks, so no need to find Southwind Kayaks. And NAC has huge lockerroom/restrooms that are free to use. Just a really cool place.

Here is NAC's address and website:

1 Whitecliffs Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 646-7725

I'm also posting a comment from another kayaker (from NAC's forum) that probably describes kayaking from NAC better than I just did:

I love NAC!!!
Just had another wonderful day kayaking in Newport thanks to the accessiblitly that NAC offers to the public.
The fact that the parking is open to the public, you can safely launch your kayak without having to worry about any ding-dongs running you over in their speed boats, and the bathrooms are clean, makes this the perfect starting point for enjoying a relaxing day on the water.

If you don't have a kayak of your own, they rent them out.

Another great thing about NAC is that the location offers you two options...head away from shore, to your left, and you can enjoy a super-mellow, birdwatching paddle...head right, away from shore, and the options are endless...wave at the people from Southwind Kayak Center as they launch their guests from their spot, be a peeping tom and paddle through the neighborhood-waterways and admire all the homes; go a few miles and head out past the jetty and play in the big swells or surf into one of the near by beaches; check out the hot coast guards at the coast guard station...the options are endless.

NAC rocks!

Everyone is friendly, people pick up after themselves and watch out for eachother.

Heading to NAC is well worth the drive.


I would like to "2nd" what was said in the above post regarding the neighborhood waterways. These are very interesting, as they allow you to peep into a different world (namely that of the wealthy). Huge multimillion-dollar homes with extravagant yards, structures, etc. I went down these canals probably 15years ago on a small motorboat. The above thread just reminded me that I should go back there again - but this time on a kayak. Should be interesting and a lot of fun.

Anyway, if you ever come this way again, I'd visit NAC.

Also, if you're looking for a shorter kayak outing, there's also Dana Point Harbor. I actually go there often because it's closer to my house. I put in at a location that's been called "Moon Beach" or "Baby Beach". Not sure which is the correct description. Anyway, it's a small sandy beach close to parking where you can put your kayak in the water. It's free, so no worries about fees, etc. Basically, Dana Point Harbor is just one big loop around a small man-made island with lots of slips for the yachts. But its a great place to kayak and lots of people go there with small rowboats/kayaks to work out. I also like to go over to the end of the Jetti and watch the boats come in/go out of the harbor. And don't be surprised if you see a dolphin or sea lion. I've seen both on a regular occasion in the harbor.

There's also several restaurants (all price ranges) if you get hungry. Unless things have changed, you can even dock your kayak at a small boat dock that leads up to the restaurants. It's just a quaint place that my wife and I like to visit for kayaking or just walking.

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