Life as viewed from a kayak.

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Kapitän von Klepper

Life as viewed from a kayak.

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I really couldn't think of anyplace else to post this thread, but here seems better then where it started under the Klepper topic. viewtopic.php?t=366&highlight=
nohoval_turrets wrote:But then one of them did something I wasn't expecting - it dived.
I'm not much of a bird watcher except in a strictly casual sort of way. Seeing birds and other animals from my kayak is what usually makes kayaking all that much more interesting. I really enjoy seeing eagles and hawks fishing, sand hill cranes, cliff swallows, etc, but once I saw something that knocked my socks off.

I was on a lake and some garden variety male mallards were attempting to court or woo the females. One particular male was eagerly pursueing a rather reluctant female. The female was so reluctant that she dived to attempt to escape his amorous embrace. He dived after her and after several seconds they resurfaced with the male on top... you get the picture. The only thing I can think of that would be more astounding would be a mid-air "collision". It sort of puts a whole new angle on "safe [...]". :)

Kheya Shunka

ducking ducks

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.. wait until a little later in the spring.. i have observed several times about a dozen drake mallards ganging up on one hen and really working her over. I have broken up their antics a couple times out paddling. Who would have ever thought a flock of ducks would be vicious.


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Who would have ever thought a flock of ducks would be vicious.
You don't know the half of it :shock:


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Maine Gotte, Nohoval, very intersting! I'll send your link right now to the local bird watcher's club (average member - 72 years old female) and monitor their reaction. I should also do the same with the local chapter of the animal activists (average member - 22 years old female).

Will keep you posted.

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