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Made it to Amami

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 6:56 am
by tsunamichuck
I ended up taking a nasty fall on a slippery boat ramp and packed the boat and ferried from Okinoerabu to Tokunoshima. I planned on paddling to the northern part of Tokunoshima on Monday, but a fair wind of 15 knots and cooler temps had me heading over to Yoro Island. Did the 22 miles in about 4 hours and the last 3 in about 2 as I hit an outgoing tide. Really cool little Island. The houses are ancient stone covered with tin roofs and most of the people are in their 80s. Too hot to sleep in the tent so I wandered out to the cement breakwater and slept under a starfilled clear sky watching shooting stars. Coming through the Amami Straits, I made a surf landing on a rocky beach, The wave that hit after I landed knocked the Khats around hard enough to seperate the keel bars, but she is no worse for wear. I was also unprepared for the Strait. I set off on a very calm flat paddle and put my skirt on deck, had the sock though and it was a good thing. Ended up surfing 5 ft breakers that appeared suddenly. I broached and braced on one of the and had a sock full of water. Stayed upright, but that skirt will be on from now on. Resting a few days before the race.

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 6:19 am
by chrstjrn
Wow! Getting into some real adventure, now!

The houses on that island sound very un-Japanese.

Thanks for the updates!

2nd place

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 6:15 am
by tsunamichuck
Came in 21st overall and in 2nd for the folders. Did the 22miles in 4:03, 10 minutes behind the winning folder. Lots of headwind and currents and this years times were slower all around.Beaten by a Fujita 530. Must be the boat and not the paddler :+) Anyway, I decided not to do the longer crossings. My navigation skills are way to soft and doing 50 mile crossings watching a compass just was not appealling; there was a typhoon tracking toward Amami and after the race, I ended up with 40 lbs of trophies, booze, and lots of gifts so I caught a ride to the ferry and went up to Kagoshima. Had to loose my camping gear to have room in my bags. Gave to another paddler who I hung out with before the race. He had a really beautiful, light, home made wood racing kayak that was hit by another kayak during the race and had the hull breached. Weather has been rainy for the past month and the visability severely limitted. Spent the night on the ferry gettting drunk with a Sumo wrestler... How could I say no? Really had a blast. I will post pics when I get home. Anyway got in a good 250 miles of paddling around some really beautiful Japanese Islands.