Another July in the Danube Delta

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Another July in the Danube Delta

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Dear All,
I am writing again about my Paradise on Earth, the Danube Delta. I took my Klepper T65 on another amazing 9 days trip, amounting about 185 km in total. Details about the route you can view here, It was amazing as usual, the landscape was breathtaking, all green, plenty of wildlife and not so many intruders. I went with a distinct wish to see as much as I can, distancing myself from my mates during the day, as their primary objective was, well, fishing... So I got to do about 100 km more then what they did, a personal best for me and my kayak. One of the highlights came with a solo attempt, in the last two days of the trip, of getting to cross the largest lake of Romania, Razim. The day that I crossed was not unusual compared to the rest until I got onto the lake itself. A monumental and out of the blue thunderstorm hit the lake just as I was exiting the channel into the lake. A strong southern wind created the largest waves I have ever seen, quite frightening. I had no other option at the time so I had to deal with the rain, winds and huge waves. I can tell you that my Klepper handled himself more than great on this weather and conditions, he got a few kisses from me that day :). The only thing that really scared me were the thunders that happened right on the lake, between me and Popina island, my next stop. Only I know my feelings as I held my aluminum paddle and realized that I was the highest and most attractive thing on a lake in a thunderstorm... Somehow the thunders happened only on one edge of the storm, fortunately the other one. At times I could not see anything because of the downpour and I could not reach my GPS to check, I had to stay above the waves... I finally reached the island, a zero access reserve (I was forced by these circumstances to land on the beach), only to realize that the shore was rocky but flat somehow. I jumped into the water early to keep the kayak from hitting the rocks in the rough waves, pushed and pulled it to safety, dropped the paddle in one bush, the electronics in another and spent an hour curled on a rock, waiting for the thunderstorm to pass. The scenery that I witnesses during this time was amazing, I only took photos in between burst of the storm. Waited for the storm to pass and then concluded my day under the ruins of Enisala fortress, a great ending to a great expedition. I cannot wait to get back, this time heading for the sea. I can say that I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. Do not judge me too harshly. Best wishes, Calin
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Re: Another July in the Danube Delta

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Beautiful pictures and story. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Another July in the Danube Delta

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Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

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