Folding kayaks at the Greenland Qajaq Training Camp

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Folding kayaks at the Greenland Qajaq Training Camp

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I just got back from my first trip to the annual Greenland skills training camp in Frankfort, Michigan. I didn't take any of my folders, only my traditional rigid skin-on-frame Greenland replica kayak and the plastic Easky. But there were several folding kayaks there, including an older Nautiraid with Greenlandic lines that one of the participants was learning to roll. The same guy also brought an interesting tandem with a center hatch, which he said was a Kayak Lab (in fact it looked very much like the solo boat that one of the newer forum members asked about this past month.) Once I have gone through my photos from the trip I will see if I have any of those boats.

The famous rolling champion, Dubside, was at the training camp giving instruction and demos. He used to travel to the traditional kayak skills games in Greenland with a black on black Feathercraft Wisper that he had modified for rolling (by lowering the first stern rib to allow full lay-back.)
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