Feathercrafts in Scotland

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Feathercrafts in Scotland

Post by andreadawn »

Folders are not particularly common over here in the UK. Indeed the two in this trip report are the only ones I've ever seen on the water, and one of those is mine!

So just to show that we do exist, here's a link to a couple of Feathercrafts pottering about off the west coast of the Isle of Mull, Scotland. There are several piccies if you scroll down the thread.

I've been intending to write a proper piece for ages, but sorry, I'm just too plain lazy, hence the link!


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Post by krudave »

Great photos and narrative, Andrea!

I did not know Fingal's Cave was a named feature -- thought it was just a myth.
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Re: Feathercrafts in Scotland

Post by menedem »

Thank you for telling about that wonderful place! The pictures and views are awesome!


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Post by maryinoxford »

krudave wrote:I did not know Fingal's Cave was a named feature -- thought it was just a myth.
Great place! I've been there several times with tourist trips - even then, it's quite hard to reach. Never yet had the chance to kayak into it, but it's on my "wanted" list. Not in my Puffin Swift, though! Depending on your route, there's at least a 3-mile open crossing to get to Staffa, and you want a serious sea kayak out there. The rock columns are amazing, and well worth the trip.

The Hebrides are very beautiful and great kayaking territory, if anyone is considering a trip there, but you need to remember that the weather is unpredictable, the tides are powerful and the water is cold.

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Post by Rods »

Good stuff, Andrea.



Post by andreadawn »

Have been out around the coast of Scotland in my K1 again this year. Being just as lazy as last year, here's another link rather than a proper article!

Although I've seen a few Feathercrafts on top of cars over here now, I've still not met any other folders on the water.


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