Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

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Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

Post by dhup »

Has anyone been kayaking in Halong bay in January? For our annual southeast Asia vacation that precedes two weeks of serious work in Tokyo ("Eat desert first" is my motto) my wife and I are considering a few days of non-serious kayaking in Halong Bay and a few days non-kayaking in Hanoi and SaPa. The temperature in the bay is supposed to be in the 60's with frequent fog.

Since it is the dry season, does this mean morning fog that burns off during the day, or is it a clammy dampness that will make us wish we had gone back to Phang-nga in Thailand? And has anyone any recommendations for the best way to do some kayaking in the bay. None of our folders will be coming with us on this trip as we have to schlep four 70 pound bags to Tokyo with us and the Klepper with accouterments would be a bit much, so don't tell the list admins that this will probably be done in a rented hardshell.

Thanks for any advice.



Re: Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

Post by happywolfie »

I'm actually considering a folding boat trip there too this December if I have a week to spare. Currently, I need to see how I can get maps/sea charts of that area, and maybe GPS coordinates of sea routes for those who actually done it before. I'll share any info I can get my hands on if I manage to dig out any!


Re: Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

Post by whatelse »

Hey, the water in Halong Bay is calm, ideal for kayaking, last year I booked a cruise tour discover Halong Bay, and kayaking is also included in the tour price. I think Halong Bay is absolutely a must! this is the cruise I booked, you might be interested: https://www.bestpricevn.com/Cruise_Pelican-Cruise.html :)

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Re: Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

Post by siravingmon »

I'll be following this closely as it's not too far from me so I'm also thinking of doing it sometime in the next 3 years. So far my searching has shown that you do need to be a bit careful with strong currents around some of the islands leading into e.g. underwater caves

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Re: Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam in January

Post by sroberge »

Hi everyone,

I been considering that place as well. My main question was whether you can do it self guided. I would like to join that with a long trip on the Mekong river and I much prefer to doing my own things.

Has anyone done it?

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