Wilderness Waterway recommendations?

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Wilderness Waterway recommendations?

Post by acrosome »

Howdy, all. I haven't stopped by in a while- go figure, I've been stationed in Colorado, deployed twice, etc. I feel kinda nostalgic poking around the website.

Anyway, I will have a unique opportunity to scratch a trip off of my life list this January: the Wilderness Waterway through the Everglades. My newly-retired parents are taking their trailer to Tampa for several months, so I could ship my boat and gear to them at the RV park and they can shuttle me. Unfortunately I don't think that the wife of my usual trip partner (aka "victim") will release him for this, so I'll probably be breaking out the solo ribs for my Long Haul Mk2.

I searched "Wilderness Waterway" on the forum but got zero hits, which surprised me. Am I doing something wrong?

Anyway, I'm interested in any information anyone can give me: trip times, mileage, recommendations for campsites or chickees to reserve, water consumption and sources (I think there are no sources), alternate routes, conditions, northbound versus southbound, tricks and tips, swamp monsters, etc.



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Re: Wilderness Waterway recommendations?

Post by gbellware »

First of all, welcome back and thanks for your service.

I don't have experience with the Wilderness Waterway, and I have not read anything on this forum about it. But I have spent weeks, some day trips and overnights and a couple of weeklong trips in the Keys and neighboring everglades. I totally envy your trip.

I looked at the Wilderness Waterway a couple of years ago but decided to go the Keys route instead. I was too early (October) and worried about bugs and heat. But you should be fine in January. And yes, there is no water resupply once you are in the wilderness area.

I posted a trip report on the Keys, here http://www.foldingkayaks.org/phpBB/view ... =20&t=3623 although this was not exactly "self supported". And I still have a bookmark from my research on the Wilderness, although it is just one of dozens of resources for your planning, here http://evergladesdiary.com/

I think about the Everglades all the time, it is such a wild and beautiful place. Have fun planning and executing your adventure.

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Re: Wilderness Waterway recommendations?

Post by DoiNomazi »

We did the WW from Everglades City to Flamingo in a Grumman aluminum canoe 4 years ago. It is a great trip by all means.

Time to cross with high tide if you plan to use the Nightmare route. Other than that, no worries, you'll be fine.

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