Lake Geneva, Switzerland

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Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Post by lyngo »

This is my first post to the forum; I was referred here after posting this question on

A friend is moving to Cully. She's got an 8 year old son and they are both interested in taking up kayaking. She only knows sea kayaking (because she's my friend I suppose), and I've only been able to find ww sites in the region. They might end up ww kayakers at some point, but for now she really wants to paddle around their new pond in peace.

Can anyone help me get her settled in with an outfitter/instructor in this area?

Thanks so much,


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Post by chrstjrn »

I'm about a 45 minute drive from Cully. I'm afraid I haven't been in the area long enough to know an answer to your question. I know that there is a rowing club, sailing, etc., in Lausanne-- at the old Olympic facility, down by the lake (i.e. Ouchy). There's probably something closer to her, as well.

Where are you located?
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Thanks for your reply

Post by lyngo »

Thanks for your reply,

I'm in NYC and so is she, but she'll be moving to Cully in June. If you do find anything about sea kayaking in the area we'd love to hear about it. I did get a lead from a fellow named Rene. His email address is:

He may be an outfitter but I'm not sure he speaks English. My paddling partner, who is German, found him.

I love Switzerland, but love ocean kayaking more!!


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