New member with a selfmade foldboat model from Germany

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New member with a selfmade foldboat model from Germany

Post by Rainer »

Following a lot of years of kanu paddling a practical need for a foldboat came to mind, easy to take along as luggage on holiday. One has often admired these beautiful boats on the water.

At short notice a Hammer Seewolf was purchased in Bremen. Since then our GFK-boat is hanging from the ceiling and we enjoy the side of our cultic Seewolf. Having mastered a plenty of storms and going overboard but also wonderful trips, I decided to take the measurements and transfered them into the CAD-Program.

Having designed only model planes so far, I was keen on creating something entirely new. With my CNC-milling cutter equipped with a 1mm cutting bit the cross frames, keel ends, seats and other minor parts were milled, followed by extra craftsmanship. Being an industrial model builder I put the emphasis on quality results, which is mirrored in the execution and confirmed by many satisfied customers.

My passion developed to a part time job. I would like to copy other foldboat models and build them. I require drawings and documentations. Maybe there are other cult foldboats in other countries which are required by other foldboat owners. I’m grateful for any useful idea and information.

Above that I’m looking for someone who can marked my designs outside of Germany.


Post by westcoastwill »

Grüss dich Rainer,

welcome to the forum, it looks like more and more euro folding kayakers are attracted to the forum. where in Germany are you from?

I hope you will find what you are looking for, you ahve come to the right place!



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