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Another desert dweller from AZ

Post by K7Baixo »

Although I've already started one thread and posted in several others, I might was well introduce myself.

The name is Gerry and I'm currently a desert dweller in Phoenix AZ. We got all the sand you want - but no ocean - yet. I'm a native of FL but grew up in AL and have lived in GA, TX, NC, VA, NY, IN and now AZ. I also spent six months in the Netherlands years ago starting up a steel mill.

Now, I "work to live" as a kind of corporate terminator for a Fortune 5 company. I also have oversight responsibility for Latin 'merica which means I get to travel a little - not a lot - but at least yearly to LA.

I'll refer to the love of my life as MrsK7 or "The Mad Brazilian ('cause she's always mad at me for something) or just Sandy. She's from Sao Paulo and I hope that we can retire to somewhere in southern Brazil in about 10-years.

I couldn't be prouder of her. Nothing stops her and she's always working to improve herself and her skills. We were married in 2001 and she's already a US citizen having been sworn in last year. She grew up pretty poor but worked her way through college. Now, she's a financial analyst - also for a Fortune 5 company.

I've had a variety of hobbies - backpacking, bicycle touring, sailing, ham radio (general class license holder), RC airplanes, 4x4 expeditions (have had photographs published in Land Rover International & am even in a group photo taken by a very well-known British LR expert) and most recently, adventure motorcycling.

I guess I have a little ADHD..... I tend to pick up a new hobby about every 5 - 7 years. Mark today on your calendar and see how long I stick around. I have to be cautious with this hobby - I recognize the dangers involved and I plan to take lessons from some nationally-recognized experts. I'll a little scared of water as I am of heights. The fear of heights didn't stop me from rappelling off of the upper deck of a college football stadium years ago so I guess my fears haven't stopped me yet.

MrsK7 is very supportive - to the point where I can do just about anything I want as long as I take all the precautions. She knows that I'm not going to break the household budget but will insist that I buy good, quality gear.

I hope to gain enough skills in the next few years to take a pretty major trip that I mentioned in another thread. I hope to convince a couple of friends to join me - I'm not sure if they're as committed as I am - time will tell and if this isn't their thing, I understand.

I'm impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the contributors here. I hope that some day, I'll be able to make contributions also.

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