profile? is it here and I just dont know...if so sorry

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profile? is it here and I just dont know...if so sorry

Post by MedicineMan »

I'm in upper east TN, the Roan Mountain area, 2.5 miles from the Appalachian Trail on a little lake named Ripshin.
Kayaks currently owned:

Aquaterra Umiak
Swifties x2
CD Kestrel
Aquaterra Composite Sea Lion (first in the usa)
Aquaterra Chinook x2
Aquaterra Acadia
Jackson Rocker
Unicorn Kayak (sof)
Perception Viscaya
WS T-165 roto
Strand Qajaq
Lincoln Eggemoggin
WS Arctic Hawk composite
Necky Looksha II
QCC 700
Valley Nordkapp Jubilee
Valley Q-boat
Mirage 580
Folbot Edisto
FC K-light
and last but not least, in fact the greatest-
FC Wisper

kayaks wanted:
P/H Cetus
FC Big Kahuna
FC Java
Composite WS T-165

Byron Walter


Post by Byron Walter »

Just go to your Profile up at the top of the page and add whatever to your signature line (but by now you have probably already done that).

Based on that list, you're a one-man navy 8)


OK I'm a bit dense at times

Post by MedicineMan »

and the profile button is a plain as the nose on my face!
thanks D.Kruger for the guiding light.


Post by tcs »

Wow, that's a lotta lotta boats -- I'm ready to help, if you need to get rid of some... you know, for storage space purposes; I'm just trying to be philanthropic. ('Specially that FC K-Light or Wisper; just let me know if I can help out...!) :D


it's def. a problem

Post by MedicineMan »

but i've got 2 good excuses for most-two daughters who both love to paddle...outfitting them is just an excuse I admit, I really have never seen a kayak that I didn't want to paddle! but enough is enough I keep telling myself along with 'this will be the last one'....I realized the other day that anything in the Cetus is already present in the Eggemoggin, a glass or kev T-165 has no real advantage over the roto except in car topping, so at least I'm starting to rationalize more-something KA --kayakaholics anonymous-- is teaching me.

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