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Arkansas newbie

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Hey everyone, I've been posting here for a couple weeks, thought I'd do a formal hello... this is the best site I've found yet for gathering info on prospective purchases. I've only used canoes & rental SOT's before, zero experience with the kind of boat we really need (not want, mind you-- need!!). Spent last summer reading Diaz's Folding Kayaker, finally bugged my sweet spouse into basically saying, "OK, OK, OK! maybe we do need to buy a boat or two! OK!" (He loves water/ boating/ fishing, but is more fiscally conservative than me. I think Folbots or Puffins/ Pakboats would be an effective compromise.) :)

We travel heavily during the summer months (both of us on an academic calendar), & I can't tell you how many times one of us has said, "wish we had a boat!" at Lake Tahoe, Everglades, NC sounds, etc. Whatever we end up buying will definitely earn its keep, in weekend trips/ day trips/ extended camping sprees, depending on time of year.

Everyone here has been very helpful & forthcoming w/ advice on widely divergent topics.... is anyone else having a hard time deciding on first foldable(s)? I seem to have recurring difficulty with wanting one boat that does every d**mn thing... compromise is difficult, but I'm learning. The whole "double vs. 2 singles" question kept me usefully distracted from work activities for a good 2 weeks!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, & sorry for any repetitive or goofy questions! Really appreciate everyone's stories & info.

Hopefully, will see ya soon, on the water... anyone else in AR, or is it just us? (We gotta move coastal soon, no lie, the inland scene's killin' me...)

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