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Hello from Shariki, Japan

Post by BrianD »

Hello from Shariki, Japan, across from Misawa on the Japan Sea side of Honshu in Aomori Prefecture. My other home is in Hell, Michigan. I previously lived and paddled in the Hiroshima area for several years, and enjoyed crossing the Inland Sea to Shikoku in the Aleut. Up here I can choose from among the Pacific, the Japan Sea, and the Tsugaru Straits between Honshu and Hokkaido, as well as a few nice lakes and rivers.

Bit of a disappointment today. I drove to MontBell in Hirosaki City to check out the ArfeQ folders, only to find they were already in storage until next spring. I don't have the Aleut here yet, and am suffering from severe paddling withdrawal. Can someone send me a kayak, please?


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Post by mje »

A fellow Michigander! I've bicycled through your home town twice on the Hell and Back tour.
Michael Edelman
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Post by dhup »

Ahoy, or Konichiwa, or some combination thereof.

I bought my Ellsmere at the Mont-Bell store in Odaiba in the Decks Tokyo Beach mall. (I think they also call it "Joyopolis") in January, three years ago. I could not find it on the Mont-Bell website so it might have been closed down.
Last January I went to a kayak megastore in Tokyo, ASR Shibaura in Minato-ku where they had lots of Fujita's and Mont-Bell's and they said they could get any model that was not on display. Their website, translated by Google's automated system, talks about available ladders for the kayaks, which leads me to believe that Google's computers have the same trouble with the sound of the letter R as most of the local population. Tha URL is:

http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... /homepage1.

[And, a TinyURL version, which should work without cutting and pasting: http://tinyurl.com/26h44w Edit: krudave]

Happy hunting.


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Post by chrstjrn »

I chopped up the URL in the last post so that it doesn't deform the width of the page necessary to read this thread. Those who wish to follow the link will need to re-assemble the URL. Posters: please do this yourselves, if you realize that you have pasted in a URL that is too long.
Sorry for the inconvenience. [Re-edit by krudave: here is the TinyURL version, which may be more convenient: http://tinyurl.com/26h44w Repeated in the original post.][Thanks Dave. -Chris]

Back to the topic:
That mega-store you're referring to: I believe it is the one that they moved down from the outdoor-store neighborhood (Kanda, right? My memory is already fading...) sometime in 2005-- does that sound right? Looking at the link, I see it is for Minami (a sports store), which I believe is the same business. They didn't have much space in the old location, and I never got around to visiting the new location, so I'm glad if they have more space for looking at the boats there.

Last year there was still a Montbell in Odaiba...
You might be entertained to know that there is also a Montbell in Zermatt, Switzerland! It was closed when I went by (oh those Swiss... stores usually seem to be closed. It was probably lunchtime or some-such.), but it looked just like all the Japanese MontBell (sorry... Mon-berru) stores.
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Post by krudave »


Thanks for posting the Google translation of that listing of boats. Some of those boats look very attractive. Some very imaginative designs. Sure would like to get my hands on them and check them out.
Dave Kruger
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Post by dhup »

Sorry, Brian, but this thread has paddled away from you.

Thank you Dave for fo leading me to TinyURL. It's as good as a fast kayak!



Post by BrianD »

Thanks for the welcome and info, guys! Great Japanese website. I wish I could inspect these Japanese folders, but unfortunately, I'm a looong way from Tokyo.

For me, the Japanese webpage is easier to understand than the google translation. Did you note the Fujita AL1, a "lightweight 12 kilometer" boat - kinda long, isn't it? FYI, 'huarutoboto" is the Japanese pronunciation of "faltbot."


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Post by tsunamichuck »

Maybe find a used one? Ask at one of these sites http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/sun.one/ http://homepage1.nifty.com/faltboat/
Feathercraft Kahuna ( Angela )
Mariner Express ( Miruku Maru ) ( In Storage)
Northwest Sportee (SuperBoat)
Innova Safari
Mariner I
Feathercraft Java
Nautiraid 14
Innova Sunny
Aire Tributary Sawtooth

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