Hello from a Swedish folding kayak fanatic!

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Hello from a Swedish folding kayak fanatic!

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I have been a rather fanatic outdoor person for many years, but started with kayaking only for a bit over three years ago. I was totally hooked after five minutes in the kayak (a rented yellow hard shell tupperware Hasle Explorer),

Later I bought one Hasle explorer and a hardshell fibre glass "K2 expedition" (630cm, two cookpits for paddlers and one for a kid, dog or extra much gear). A wonderful kayak, and I thought I had the ultimate Kayak configuration for me and my family.

Then I almost fell in love with a Pouch Single 2000. I loved the retro style... wood, craftmanship, fabric, dreaming of adventures, other continents... So I bought it even though I live in a huge house with a huge basement so I almost never deassemble it.

Then I started to see more of the poor mans Klepper (Pouch) on swedish ebay-like sites, and I bought a couple of K2:s (RZ 85-3) to myself and also to a couple of friends. And I started to love the seaworthiness with the folding concept. And also the big open cockpits and initial stability -- fantastic if you want to introduce kayaking for beginners and perhaps older persons.

So I have a gigantic crush on folding kayaks even though I often keep them assembled.

I am looking very much forward in taking the Single 2000 on train to Narvik in Norway and take a couple of days in october/november 2008 kayaking the fjords and watching killer whales.

/Erik S
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Thanks for the intro and the work on the profile, Erik. It's great to have you with us.
Chris T.
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Yeah, welcome. How do you like sailing the RZ? I'm still trying to make up my mind which sailrig to get for my RZ96.



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Kul att det finns någon svensk faltkajaks entusiast här!!
vi hörs säkert igen, låter spännande att padla i norge....

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