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New folder owner!

Post by tcs »

I've been pining away for a long while for a folder to take traveling, & came across a good deal on an older FC K-1... it has "character," & clearly has had a busy life... but I love it already. Plan to spend more time on water than land, if possible, for the next few weeks! I posted some pics of my 1st try at assembly, at ... _=39558404

Way fun! Took it out briefly, love it; named it the Red Rover.

Yaay for folding kayaks!

P.S. If you view my pics/ captions, please note my dad's a preacher, so I have a tendency to joke a little bit about religion... no offense meant. :)


Post by K7Baixo »

TC - it appears that Snapfish will allow us to view your pictures if we join that site. Is there a mechanism to make them public so we can view them?

Oh - as a lifelong Methodist, my sense of humor re religion is fully intact - esp. where it concerns Baptists. :lol:


Post by Christov_Tenn »

A Snapfish member already, I was able to view the picture. Congrats. Religious humor was fine. Heck, I've just rediscovered the Wittenburg Door, and those hippies appear to have just discovered html.


Post by tcs »

Hey guys, sorry about the Snapfish issues, I'll try to get the pics posted in a more easily accessed format...

(seems to me that there are worse things than folding kayaks, to inspire some religion!)


Post by K7Baixo »

Try photobucket - works fairly well.

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Post by mje »

Or you can get a free account at the Photo Albums. Just email me with:

1. Your full name
2. Your email address
3. The id you want to use for the photo album
4. the password you want to use for the photo album

and I'll create it in a day or so (unless I'm traveling.)
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