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moses s

year of the kayak

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2007 has definitely been the year of the kayak for me!!
In the fall of 2006 I saw a group of soldiers crossing a levee with their folding kayaks, and shortly after that a friend from Switserland sended some pictures of his newly purchased Nautiraid Raid 325.
After these experiences, I guess I was sold, and I went looking on the internet for folding kayaks. Still it took several months before I bought a Folbot Kiawah.
With my new boat I started to explore the waterways around my house. I was amazed by how much I enjoyed this, and by the fact that with the kayak I seemed to be pulled into the city, unlike cycling, on a bicycle I always tended to go straight out of town.
Another amazement while exploring the Amsterdam city canals, was the fact that I only once met another kayak. So I felt like I have to promote Amsterdam as a very special place for kayaking, and I started documenting the tours I made and uploaded a lot of photos on my Flickr page :
But since I reached the limits of this page I think it may be a better idea to move my photos to the photo gallery on this site.

Moses Santiago
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Green Folbot Kiawah


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Great photographs. I lived in Haarlem and worked in Wyk Ann Zee at Hoogovens for six months in 1987. Love it there.

Your photographs are amazing! Thanks for sharing....


moses s

photo gallery

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Winter has been long this year over here in the Netherlands, but now there is some spring in the air, and I get more and more excited about putting up my kayak and take it out.
As a ship-owner I did well last winter, when I purchased a nine meter long canal boat, with kitchen, toilet, a bed- and a livingroom, and with an enigine inside. Yesterday I fixed a solar cell panel to the roof, and now I only need a good internet connection to have a perfect floating and mobile homebase for my kayak and myself!
I intend to intensely explore the many waterways and small lakes in and around my hometown, and document my trips in photosets. To make a start, I made a compilation of the most viewed and commented (last year's) photos I had on Flickr, and I made a new album, starring my new Mothership.
So check out Moses Santiago on Folding Kayaks Galleries!!!

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