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Hi, This Is Mel

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As you may notice, I help Michael with moderator duties. I have a Big Kahuna by Feathercraft and have owned a SOT poly boat, a K-Light with the aluminum coaming, a Seal Skin K-1 and now the Kahuna. I finally sold my K-1 since I was looking for a lighter boat as I got older (now 67) and lifting the 55 lbs of the K-1 to the top of the car was getting harder. I could only see that getting worse. The Kahuna is just right. I fit in the BK even though I am 6'3" and weigh 230. Size 13 feet. 8)

Anyhow, if you need help, and cannot get Michael, I may be able to help you. Some things he has reserved for himself (it is his site after all) but in the forum, I am pretty able.

If you get to the Dayton Ohio area USA, notify me ahead of time and we will go paddling. I can even take your picture since I am into photography (intermediate with DSLR) and you will then have a record of your experience. I usually paddle starting in May and go through October.

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