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Hello - it's me.

Post by Colin »

My name is Colin and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've recently taken up kayaking again after a break of 20 years. I bought myself a Feathercraft Kahuna, and am having a great time with it. My other hobbies are mountaineering and amateur radio. My radio callsigns are 2M0AYZ and MM3ENM.

Don't forget - geeks have more fun:)

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Post by mje »

Way cool, Colin! I'm KE8YY. ;-)


Hello all

Post by Anonymous »

Hi Colin and others, my name is Chris, I'm from Tasmania (Aus) and my interests are kayaking (obviously) and hiking. I have a Klepper double and a Nautiraid single plus a plastic sit on top for those days when the waves are good.
An excellent idea, keep up the good work Mike..

Cheers, Chris


Post by qrpboater »

Hello all,
I'm in Flagstaff at 7,000 feet in northern Arizona and I've gotten back into paddling after a lapse of a few years. This time around I'm more interested in sea kayaking than whitewater. I bought a Folbot Cooper late last summer and have been having a blast with it. Arizona paddling is mostly on reservoirs but we have a lot of them in the mountains and the desert so we can paddle year round.

I'm also into lower power amateur radio (N7CEE).

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