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joining the fold

Post by Homer »

I found this site whilst researching a second canoe.

I paddle a canadian but it isn't big enough to carry the four of us so I intend to split the load.
We struggled for storage space for my current canoe so a folding canoe seem's the way to go.
I'm looking for a canadian style folder and the Triton Ilmen appeals to me.

A folder would also be a better option for paddling on my own, as simply lifting my canoe of the vehicle is a bit of a struggle.

I'm sure i'll get plenty of information from this forum as it seem's very well attended.

Thank you.


Post by Alm »

One good thing about Triton is their skin - good quality PVC. Otherwise, - I don't think their frames have seen a lot of improvements in the last 50 years. (More precisely - they are not the same as in 1960s, but not any better either). Haven't seen Ilmen, though. From my experience with Triton Ladoga - extremely difficult assembling, inadequate plastic fittings, poorly designed rudder, and very little in sense of "creature comforts" - seats, deck rigging, carrying handles etc. Dealers are few and far between. I doubt you'll find many Ilmen users beyond the boundaries of the former USSR. Take your chance if you feel like, but order a bag of spare plastic parts, just in case.

If you are willing to assemble the boat every time, you'd better buy some used double folder of more reputable brand: Klepper, Pouch, Folbot etc.

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