Greetings from Finland; notes on Russian names

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Greetings from Finland; notes on Russian names

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Have been paddling a Klepper Aerius II since 2000; old plywood and plastic (!) kayaks before that, and the new baby in the family is a Mad River sixteen-footer canoe for river work. The Klepper has been very useful for exploring difficult-to-reach waterways in Lapland, and it's nice to carry along in the boot just in case you want to take a spin on a lake you drive past (and we have about 40 000 of them, not to mention a quarter of a million islands!). My wife and I have recently been fantasizing about a hardshell double but decided to go for a canoe instead, since we've been planning for a while to check out a chain of small lakes up north that would require frequent portaging; also, there's more space for our two dogs. The MR is a lot slower, heavier to paddle, and more difficult to steer particularly in a high wind, however, so the Klepper will still remain our vessel of choice for open water.

Couldn't help noticing a certain ambiguity on the site concerning the spelling of the Russian Taymen (pronounced "tie-myen") foldables. The name actually means simply "trout", not some fantastic Mongolian fighting fish, as the website of a Canadian importer would have you believe. The Triton models, on the other hand, are named after bodies of water: Ladoga after Lake Ladoga (Finnish Laatokka) and the Vuoksa after the River Vuoksa (Finnish Vuoksi) which runs into it, both in what is now Russian Karelia.


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Regarding dogs and children, then this K2 may be of interest?
But the again a canoe is also great.

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