Joining in from Charleston S.C.

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Joining in from Charleston S.C.

Post by Guy »

Hello to all

My name is Guy and we're relatively new to the kayaking world. We relocated here about 3 years ago from the land of fruits and nuts (California) and have enjoyed the experience, especially getting involved with kayaking.

The wife and I have been paddling for about 2 years in the Charleston SC USA area. Anne has a Carolina Perceptions (14.5' plastic) and I have a Klepper Aerius II, 1987 vintage which I've had my Mom (she's 81) out in a couple times. As most of the water here is flat water in the "low country" they were easy paddles through the swamps with plenty of wildlife. She enjoyed herself :) I paddled :)

I've modified the Klepper a little with the addition of a wing sail, about 10 sq ft, and lee boards, similar to what Klepper markets, which I built. I've also changed the rudder so that it hangs vertically. I fashioned a set of rudder pedals after the ones that came with the boat but I think that will change in the near future. I looked at a picture of a set that looks much simpler to install. Basically they are in the shape of a "C" with the cables attached to the bottom and bungees to the top of the "C" anchored to frame two, for paddling/sailing with the solo seat.

You have a great forum from which I have picked up more than a few ideas ... keep up the good work


Post by tcs »

Charleston, huh? You guys are right there in Folbot's backyard, if you decide to add more folding kayaks to your fleet... very convenient! You're right- this is a great forum; I'm pretty new myself, & it's been very helpful in helping me get my feet (& boat!) wet. Welcome!


Post by Guy »

Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, Folbot is "just down the street" so to speak. I went there a couple weeks ago to look around their shop. What a treat. The folks there are really friendly and I think the newest member of their crew has been there 10 years or something like that. The only down side, if you can call it that, is that I own a Klepper :) I took a bit of friendly harassment for that too. Good bunch of folks.

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joining in from charlston s.c.

Post by john allsop »

Guy you know me from the other site, i have Kleppers and a Folbot so you could say i play for both teams, Seen your sail, looks good to me. You will get lot,s of info here. John

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