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I would kindly like to introduce myself to my fellow folding kayaking friends. I live in the north of Sweden and work as a doctor here. About the same climate as in norhern Canada. For 20 years I´ve owned a rigid kayak, a 2-seater Bavaria Amazonas( very much like a Klepper Kamerad) and have bin paddling our big lakes and also along the Baltic coast. Since I was young I´ve always wanted a Klepper Aerius 2, after reading the catalogs in the late sixties. This summer I sold the Bavaria and managed to get hold of an Aerius2 from the mid eighties. Foam seats and backrests. Perfect hull and a minor tear in the deck which was easy to repair with deck cloth material and glue + stitching. Wooden parts are ok, some black spots here and there but no rot. Painted the sunbleached deck with textile color prior to impregnation. Looks like new! Totally satiesfied but for one thing. The seating position was like sitting on a WC. Put a wooden piece under the rear position of the seat and screwed the metal piece to it. Lifted rear end of seat ca 2cm which made a world of difference. Next project was to get some lower lumbar support. Found 2 hipbelts on two old backpackers(rucksacks!) which I fixed to rib 3 and 5 respectivly. Works perfect and is a cheap solution of a problem I´ve seen many posts of in this forum. Now eagerly awaiting arrival of a S4 sailing rig which I managed to win on german ebay last week. Hope it gets here before the ice comes!

Happy paddling!



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Welcome Anders and greetings from Germany.

I have a 60's Klepper Vagabund double, a leightweight model (25kg) without air-sponsons and just 80cm beam. It is still in very good shape. I would also like to have some sails with it. Since the S4 is expensive, i consider to get me an old Pouch bat-sail and modify the mast.

I use this boat a lot with my Zuendapp (to-the-side) motor and enjoy!

I like a lot those swedish (oldtime) plywood kayaks, this one here for example: ... Gadden=doc
These are hardly available here, unfortunately.

I have owned a Trapper Arkö K1 before, swedish hardshell kayak, but sold it because of weight. Beside its heavy weight it is a very nice and rare kayak.

regards, Frank


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A warm welcome from Tennessee to you

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